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Windows Home Server Becoming Available on MSDN

windows-home-server Earlier today I went looking to see if MSDN included Windows Home Server. Well, it doesn't include it. I looked in the "servers" section, the "operating systems" section, and when that failed I asked Google. I read the Official MSDN Subscriptions Blog, which contained a post about Windows Home Sever. It seems that including Windows Home Server was considered and rejected. Thanks to the post on that blog, a lot of feedback was received requesting its inclusion as well as information about why it was not included. Thanks to an update on that post, I know that a year ago they said they would be reconsidering it based on the feedback.

I still don't see it as an available download, but luckily there has been follow up information on the issue. Philip Churchill posted about WHS Coming to MSDN a couple of months ago. Now, I sit around waiting for Microsoft to deliver this awesome product to their faithful MSDN crew. I just used one recently, and it is very easy and nice to use. I now see what all of the hype has been about. For once I think the hype was not exaggerating the product. At least not much.

I look forward to the release of Windows Home Server on MSDN. I hope you do also, since I will most certainly write about it once they release it.

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  • 3/5/2009 4:44:54 PM | Reply

    that's an old post that was posted last year (2008).  they are going to add it to msdn sometime this year.

  • Brendan Enrick

    3/5/2009 5:11:08 PM | Reply

    @Trey Yes, it is an old post. Although, it is from the end of 2008, which means it isn't very old yet. It is not 6 months old yet. I think if we get to 6 months after the post, we have the right and obligation to yell about it.

    You're right that it better be on MSDN sometime this year.