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You are correct. I don’t usually do recruiting posts on my blog, however, I am guessing that my blog readers are people who might be interested in working with me. I joined Clear Measure a couple of months ago, which is a company started by Jeffrey Palermo and Mark Stavrou. Primarily based in Austin, we are starting to build a pocket of developers in Northeast Ohio. Our team up here is currently remote, but we are hoping to get enough people to merit some suburban office space for our team.

Let me know if you’re in the Northeast Ohio area and want to play buzzword bingo with this card:

Buzzword Bingo

We all love buzzword bingo! Right? right?

You can always check here for Clear Measure’s current openings. Even when we don’t have a listed position open, contact me anyway, because I firmly believe that a company should always be hiring. The best people don’t come along every day. That’s how I ended up working with Todd Ropog and Kevin Kuebler years ago. They were the right people to join NimblePros. 

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  • Kevin P. Davis

    9/26/2014 2:48:27 PM | Reply

    Hey Brendan - Sounds really cool.  I know Austin has a kicking tech community, but why NE Ohio?  And why would you be looking to open suburban offices instead of staying remote?  I have enormous respect for Mr. Palermo, and your buzzword bingo certainly resonates with me, but I'm guessing there's folks all over that would fit the bills if you were open to remote folks.  Jeff ever thought of starting something up in the Chicago area?  We have lots of talented folks hereabouts too!

    • Brendan Enrick

      10/6/2014 3:50:04 AM | Reply

      Hi Kevin,

      We are open to remote folks joining our team (we have some already) and are also looking at opening offices in other areas as well.

      The reason for NE Ohio is that I am based out of NE Ohio and am building up a local team here, but we also work with people in other areas.

      I'll send you a quick email in case you don't see this reply, so we can chat.