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Daily Software Development

My Team Server Headache

So yesterday I was able to spend a long time battling with team server. It seams that source controls likes to keep track of where your workspaces are itself. So on a computer I don’t normally work on, I logged in. I set up work spaces on that machine, because Team Server didn’t specify them for me. I needed to put the code in a public place, so I did. When I went back to my normal machine, I told the server I wanted to get latest. Wow was that a huge mistake.

Five to ten minutes, and a seemingly endless stream of error messages later, team server has moved half of all of my files to another location. It seems that it noticed from the other machine that I had moved my workspaces, so it tried to do the same on my work machine. All hell broke loose when it could not get all of the files moved correctly. As should be quite obvious, Visual Studio cannot build half projects.

The best part of this whole experience was the time it took to move EVERYTHING back to its original location so I could start working again. All I wanted was 1 updated file. Never going to move workspaces again…..

Perhaps someone knows of some cool trick to stop that from happening. If you do I would appreciate knowing as well. Thanks.

Visible Whitespace in Visual Studio

Something quite horrible happened to me today. While I was working on some of my code, I accidentally hit some keys while holding the control key down. Unfortunately for me I did not see the keys I hit. Well now instead of seeing whitespace there were this little dots. I figured there was some checkbox in Visual Studio’s options. I could not find it anywhere, but I did discover a cool hack. In the fonts section, I found it keeps font information for Visible Whitespace. By changing the font color to white, I wouldn’t have to see the dots anymore or so I thought. Whenever I highlighted one of the dots I could see it again.

Now with my frustration building, what can I say I hate dots, I began trying different keyboard shortcuts. I eventually found what turns on and off white space.

The Answer:    Control + E + S

Hopefully no one else must suffer through the horror that is visible white space.

Simple CMS New Release Version 0.9.60908.1

A newer version of Simple CMS has just been released. The only significant change to Simple CMS is that it now supports sessions. This means that if you have a masterpage you are using with Simple CMS, you may now use the Session object in that masterpage file.

How to enable Session State with HttpHandlers
This was an interesting problem, because there isn't a page object in the normal sense of file with aspx as its extension. Normally one can just add enableSessionState = true at the top of the file. In order to achieve this with HttpHandlers you will need to implement System.Web.SessionState.IRequiredSessionState or System.Web.SessionState.IReadOnlySessionState. To do this you simply add one of these as if you are inheriting from a class.

In my case I use an HttpHandlerFactory, so I specified this for the created handler, and not the factory.